Hugme – Ilustración Vectorial

Isologo Hugme hugme_bn3_385x396 Iconos Hugme Xmas iconos_hugme_xmas Iconos Hugme iconos_hugme01 Iconos Hugme San Valentín iconos_valentine

Diseño gráfico de isologo e iconos para aplicación de facebook.
Tecnología: corel, photoshop

Belonging to AREGALA means to be a chef of a great prestife and great human and professional values, but above all, a friendly person, willing to share his knowledge with other members of the Association. Aregala works like a big family and it is a status symboll in the culinary world. A medal or diploma of AREGALA simbolizes the highest gastronomic honor. Each medal or trophy of AREGALA is duly certified and registered in our Bueau of Archives and Historical Records.